Can you tell me “The disadvantage of having a baby”? I can tell you “The disadvantage of having a baby”. Also some several disadvantageous factors, Please careful listens to me to say!

The child is troublesome, moreover certainly is not each people all raises. We frequently saw in the television news, the common parents cannot raise the child to abandon. Therefore I am did not approve has the child.

The child troubles the origin includes: The nurture expense too huge, will tie up own time, the Taiwan future educational system is not good and the future child not necessarily can the filial parents.

“The nurture expense too huge” From gives birth to the child to start, must deposit the expense, grows up until the child, all wants the parents voluntarily to make money the nurture. The nurture expense is unusual huge, if does not have the money, not only is oneself suffers hardships, but also can implicate the child.

“Will tie up own time” After has the child, own time can change few, also can because of look after the child to let own time not be abundant. Which do own want to go also must lead the child, implicates own leisure time.

“The Taiwan future educational system is not good” Taiwan's educational system unusual rottenness, the Ministry of Education not good implementation means, cause the child to treat as the test piece.

“The future child not necessarily cans the filial parents” Nurtures the adult after the child, he not necessarily can look after the old parents, the raise children to provide against old age, in the modern society, is not suitable.

Has the child shortcoming to be very many, I said am the very good example. Believed you should understand my standpoint, in other words, the disadvantage of having a baby.


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